Industrial Style Series I Furniture Finishes Urban Paint Liquid Metal

Here at Steeles Paint & Décor in Woodbridge we are always searching for products that keep you current with interior design trends. One of the cutting edge and hottest trends in decorating is the Industrial Style. This movement’s visual appeal is born out of the desire for a lack of pretension and the desire for stripped-back architecture and objects that …

Get Your House Ready for Fall at Steeles Paint & Decor Centre

Even though we all would like to believe that the summer will go on forever, the fall is just around the corner with cool, crisp mornings and the trees ablaze with colour. This is the time that we should be thinking about making sure our exterior surfaces are protected against the barrage of cold temperatures, rain & freezing rain and …

Transfer Images with Steeles Paint’s Fusion™ Transfer Gel

We’re always really excited here at Steeles Paint & Décor Superstore in Vaughan to talk about our new specialty products! One of our new product lines, Fusion™ Mineral Paint includes a special treatment product called Transfer Gel. Fusion™ Transfer Gel is a clear and quick drying product with a matte finish, ideal for transferring printed images on to wood, paper …