Deck Stain Preparation by Steeles Paint in Woodbridge

It’s the time of the year to think about staining or re-staining your deck. With a few pointers, the task will go smoothly and will yield a beautiful result you can take pride in.
If your deck is new, we recommend 3-6 months of weathering to let your boards dry out fully. The key to deck staining is penetration. Fresh or wet boards will not allow the coating to penetrate, resulting in premature failure.
Let’s talk about how to prepare your deck for stain. You must mechanically sand all walking and horizontal surfaces. Use 50-grit sandpaper on walking areas and 80-grit on all other areas. Hand sanding the surface with a sheet of 50-grit sandpaper will not prepare the deck properly. Mechanical sanding is always best. Palm or belt sanding is absolutely the only way to achieve the surface preparation needed for a successful long-lasting deck.
Pressure-washing a new deck is recommended by many deck-stain manufacturers, but we disagree. This method of prep should only be used when cleaning or removing old products from previously coated decks. Sanding the wood after cleaning ensures that the wood grain is open. This will allow the coating to penetrate and is the key to getting the maximum durability and life out of your deck stain. Come in to our rental department to learn about deck sanders to make the job easy!
We carry a wide range of exterior stains from transparent right through to opaque, depending on your situation and style. Come in and we’ll talk about the right deck stain for you!

  • William Sciara

    removing deck stain and keeping the furniture new needs alot of hardwork everytime time .