Fixing Water Spots on Finished Wood

Mom always said “If you’re going to take a drink in there, make sure you use a coaster!” When her advice was not heeded, the tell-tale signs of blatant disrespect for finished wood would appear as a white or discoloured ring, quite often spoiling an otherwise perfect piece of furniture.

Fortunately for us disrespectful people and victims of unfortunate situations such as leaky plant pots or the like, Steeles Paint stocks a little-known problem solver known as Oxalic Acid. This little wonder is a traditional, tried & true remedy for unsightly moisture stains on finished wood that appear as white or discoloured rings not only on the surface, but right into the wood beneath the finish as well.

It’s very cool to watch the product work. It’s just a matter of removing the old finish on the surface either by sanding or using a chemical stripper and allowing the surface to dry completely. Next, the Oxalic Acid is mixed with hot water and applied directly on the stain…you’ll watch the stain fade right before your eyes! Sometimes a couple of applications are necessary to completely obliterate the discolouration. A quick wash with Borax to neutralize the acid, let dry then sand lightly.

The piece is then ready to be restored to its former glory with the stain only a distant memory.

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