Industrial Style Series I Furniture Finishes Urban Paint Liquid Metal

urbanpaintpic2Here at Steeles Paint & Décor in Woodbridge we are always searching for products that keep you current with interior design trends. One of the cutting edge and hottest trends in decorating is the Industrial Style. This movement’s visual appeal is born out of the desire for a lack of pretension and the desire for stripped-back architecture and objects that are salvaged from industry and manufacturing from a by-gone era. The Industrial look can be found not only in lofts converted from mid-town factories and warehouses, but also in multi-million dollar mansions all over North America. This style uses humble materials like bare, stripped-down or age-worn wood and metals, brick and concrete become the backdrop of interplay between form and function.

urbanpaintpicCapturing these raw and beautifully aged looks is possible for your space! Cottage Paint, a Canadian furniture coatings company, has developed a line of products called Urban Paint Liquid Metal – an exclusive colour collection of soft metallics in a hybrid formulation for amazing, smooth results. Their colours have been carefully hand-picked to reflect Urban Industrial styling such as ‘SteamPunk’ and ‘Belgian Shabby Chic’ which is leading the evolution of current design trends. Both styles offer less Shabby and more Chic to home décor, incorporating the use of metals and raw wood finishes, natural colour tones and textures. It is a delicate mix of an old look with a new feel. Come on in to Steeles Paint and Decor Centre in Vaughan on Steeles Avenue between Weston Road and Pine Valley.