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For nearly 30 years, CanLak has produced high-quality coatings that have exceeded even the most discriminating demands of wood product manufacturers. Even from its early days, CanLak has understood that customers directly drive a businesses' success. As such, their faithful commitment to product quality has always remained, even when evolving their business and products to meet the demands of developing markets. Their wide range of coating solutions continues to enhance the value of wood products today.


CanLak Post-Catalized Lacquer

For the do-it-yourself wood worker, Can Lak’s Post-Catalyzed Lacquer is ideal. It allows you to mix the catalyst in yourself to produce only the desired amount of finish and avoid wasting any unused lacquer. Its superior resistance to water and abrasions will ensure no marring or water damage defaces your product, leaving only a phenomenal finish.

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CanLak Pre-Catalized Lacquer

Thanks to the highly resistant, two-part nitrocellulose lacquer, Permatech provides substantial covering power that is phenomenal for finishing furniture, kitchen cabinets as well as many other wood articles. It’s also resistant to most household chemicals and has solid scratch resistance. It’s easy to apply, dries quickly in ambient temperatures and excellently resists light. The Permatech series also features sealers, primers and lacquers in a variety of colours and lustres.

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CanLak Waterbased Laquer

For a synthetic lacquer that’s ready to use right out of the container, look no further than Perma-Shine. The benefit of this product is that the catalyst is already incorporated so it doesn’t need to be added. It’s also available with the catalyst separate for those who prefer to mix their own. Because of this versatility and its multiple uses, Perma-Shine is a popular product for finishing furniture and other various wood articles. It has good resistance to most chemicals, including many household ones, and light. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly in ambient temperatures. Perma-Shine is also effortless to repair and has great wood penetration to help bring out the wood grain.
This series also includes sealers, primers and lacquers in a variety of colours and shines. The Perma-Shine Plus, which contains an anti-UV component, is also offered when greater resistance to yellowing due to sunrays is desired.

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CanLak Spray Dry Glaze

As precatalyzed nitrocellulose synthetic lacquers, the Pre-Lak series of products comes with the catalyst already incorporated. This facilitates its use, as it’s ready to use right out of the container. Its quality is very good with great wood penetration. It’s easy to use and apply, and dries fast in ambient temperature. It resists both light and household chemicals quite well, and is easy to repair. Because of its versatility and ease of use, the Pre-Lak series has become a premium choice for finishing a wide variety of wood products. The series also includes sealers, primers as well as lacquers offered in multiple colours and luster.

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