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For over 50 years, Coronado Paint has provided painting professionals with the lasting performance and consistent quality they expect for top-grade products. This quality has extended into the do-it-yourself market, granting homeowners the same superior products for painting rooms as architects refurbishing a convention centre. Their broad product base includes high performance coatings for industrial work, including expoxies, urethanes, vinyl wash primers and maintenance enamels, among others. Coronado’s interior and exterior paints also include waterproofing systems, floor coatings and multi-colour wall coatings.


RUST SCAT® Polyurethane Enamel

Designed as a rust preventative coating for metal substrates, Rust® Scat Polyurethane Enamel is easy to apply, firmly adheres to surfaces, has excellent wetting properties and produces a quality appearance once cured. Ideal for a variety of metal substrates, this paint product works well both indoors and out. A barrier coat is suggested for when using over zinc rich coatings, and it’s not recommended for immersion service.

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2 Part Waterbased Floor Epoxy

The highly cross-linked film of the Coropoxy WB Amine Adduct provides superior chemical, abrasion and impact resistance that delivers years of service in industrial and commercial applications. Its waterborne formulation produces lower odour than solvent-based epoxies, meaning this product may be applied in busy areas and is more environmentally and user friendly. As well, this product may be applied to most generic coating types without the fear of lifting or wrinkling.

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