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Dover Finishing Products

Supplying both businesses and consumers with premier products for furniture and finished wood for over half a century, DFP (Dover Finishing Products) Inc. uses the finest waxes, dyes and pigments to ensure their products provide quality colour consistency and unfailing fills. DFP’s line of reliable finishes grants first-rate compatibility over existing finishes, as well as resolute resistance to yellowing and marring.


Assorted Repair Fill Sticks

To conceal holes and gouges, turn to DFP. Their fill sticks provide a cost effective means of repairing marred surfaces by using high-grade wax that doesn’t shirk. Using various pigments and dyes, these fill sticks seamlessly blend with a variety of surfaces, requires no heating or special tools to apply, and is a must for use in factories, shops or general touch-up applications.

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Assorted Furniture Touch-up Spray Cans

Colour, clarity and coverage…Dover Finishing System Toners offer this and more!

Colour variety and finish consistency are key in any finishing or touch-up job. Our toners provide rich tones and clarity so that the beauty of the wood is preserved while our new dye-based colour system transforms any piece into a treasure. High solids, pre-catalyzed 600 series formula.

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Furniture touch-up markers

Designed to work on an array of finishes, DFP’s Factory Markers use richer dyes and a fast-dry formula to quickly repair worn edges, scuffs, nicks and scratches. Because of its great colour range, this product allows for easy on-site application, sealing and finishing in one quick act. Thanks to its patented synthetic tip, these markers also keep their shape longer than regular felt tips.

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