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Over 20 years ago, Duckback was started with the goal of creating a high-quality exterior stain that would provide superior protection even in harsh climates. The idea was to produce a stain that repelled precipitation-like water off a duck’s back. The result was nothing short of a success. Today, Duckback still develops top-grade stains that are as esthetically pleasing as they are durable. These products are designed to perform in California’s various climates, from below-freezing temperatures to desert-like heat, so Duckback is ready to handle any environment.


Superdeck Transparent Stain

Designed for outdoor use on any wood surfaces, Superdeck’s Transparent Stain provides 100 per cent grain clarity to bring your deck, fence, siding or exterior furniture to life. It applies easily with a single coat, and thanks to its unique three-oil system, it also nourishes the wood to which it is applied. It also penetrates deep into the wood’s pores for the highest in durability, tough enough for all environments in any season.

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Superdeck Pressure Treated Wood Stain

Add to the beauty of your backyard with Superdeck’s Pressure Treated Wood Stain. This finish applies easily with just one coat and gives your wooden deck, fence or furniture a natural colour. Ideal for any season in every environment, this stain also contains transparent oxide pigments, which provide the pinnacle in UV protection and grain clarity. And just like the name implies, this product is great for all pressure-treated woods.

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