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Faux Finishes

Modern Masters
Taking a leadership position in the decorative painting market, Modern Masters Inc. brings original and innovative products, earning the recognition for being the top supplier of high-end, specialty water-based paint products in the world. From Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre and London’s Buckingham P.....
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For over 15 years, Texturline has made it their mission to produce specialty plasters and glazes for both painters and artists. Over this span of time, more than 120 million square foot of surface has been decorated with Texturline products – that’s more than 2,000 football fields. Not only does.....
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Modern Master Metallic Paint

To add a gleaming metallic look to your walls, Modern Masters Metallic Paint is the way to go. Designed to be an alternative to latex paint, Modern Masters Metallic Paint applies easily as traditional latex paint, but adds a shimmering look to your walls. Available in a wide array of colours, this water-based collection ranges from traditional metal hues like gold, copper and nickel, to more designer tones such as green apple, black cherry and Venetian blue.

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