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Insl-x has been producing top-grade paints, varnishes and industrial coatings for over 70 years. This leading manufacturer of primers, coatings, paints, finishes, epoxies, enamels and urethanes has utilized extensive research and development to create innovative, high-quality products. For swimming pool paints, Insl-x provides long-lasting products that are both durable and striking.


IG 4000 Insl-Guard Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint (IG 4000)

Specially designed for concrete, marcite, gunnite, fibreglass and steel pools, IG 4000 is a USDA-approved product that is highly durable in both salt and fresh water. Its two-component epoxy polyamide will maintain your pool’s integrity, while also giving it a striking colour.

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RP 2700 Rubber Based Swimming Pool Paint (RP 2700)

For a robust, satin finish that can be used in both residential and commercial pools, look no further than the Insl-x RP 2700. This coating has a rubber base that works in both new and old concrete pools, and holds up well in fresh or salt water. Its durable nature resists fading, abrasion, fungus, algae and alkalis, all while complying with the volatile emission standards that re outlined by the Ozone Transport Commission.

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WR 1000 Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint (WR 1000)

A viable option for interior and exterior pools, Insl-x’s WR 1000 pool paint is considered a new generation of waterborne paint. It can be applied for a range of pool coatings that are in sound condition. With low VOC, this product is very environmentally friendly and dries quickly, even when applied to damp surfaces. WR 1000 will also hold strong in either fresh or salt water.

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