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SamaN Stains

In 1998, SamaN, a revolutionary water-based wood stain, was introduced in the Canadian market. Its quality and versatility has since made it a staple of the DIY market. Today, SamaN Stains has garnished a loyal following of satisfied consumers in both the U.S. and Canada, and remains dedicated to supplying new and innovative products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.


Add Saman Floor Stain

Saman Odorless Stains for Wood Floors are easy to use and environmentally friendly. No pre-stain or conditioner is required. With Saman’s unique formula you will need just one coat and it doesn’t cause wood grain raising nor does it leave any signs of overlapping marks.

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Saman Water Based Varnish

More than twice as durable as traditional water-based finishes, SamaN’s unique water-based wood finishes are superior to other finishes on the market. Utilizing a self-levelling, non-yellowing formula, these varnishes dry quickly, leaving a crystal clear finish.

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Saman Hybrid Oil-Based Varnish

The beauty of the SamaN Hybrid Oil-Based Varnish is that it dries six times faster than any other oil-based floor product. The final result of this unique and advanced hybrid varnish is a warm golden glow that leaves your floors with a stunning esthetic. This varnish is easy to apply and the low-odour formula makes indoor use bearable.

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Saman EXTREME Water Based Varnish

Combining the superior performance of aluminum oxide technology with a unique water-based formula, SamaN Extreme is a 100 per cent non-yellowing polyurethane water-based finish designed specifically for heavy-traffic hardwood flooring. Ideal for commercial or residential use, this revolutionary finish is low in odour, easy to apply and dries fast to create a tough, hard finish with maximum resistance to wear, scratching and scuffing.

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Saman Water Based Eco Friendly Stain

SamaN Water-Based Stains are perfectly stabilized, producing a forgiving product that leaves no overlapping marks. The final result is a rich colour that’s robust and long lasting. For even more colour possibilities, mix several stains together for an infinite number of shades, just as you would with watercolour paints.

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