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Sikkens produces phenomenal products for staining decks, doors, windows and exterior walls. With 200 years of expertise, their wood finishes protect and enhance the wood’s natural beauty, so much so that experts and constructors worldwide turn to Sikkens. For unparalleled quality, unique appearance, superior durability, high performance... trust Sikkens.


Cetol Door and Window – Clear Coat

Specially designed for use on exterior doors and windows, Sikkens Cetol Door & Window is a high performance coating that forms a durable barrier that protects surfaces from weathering. A great substitute for exterior varnishes and polyurethanes, this product’s strong microporosity and flexibility helps to minimize blistering and cracking, while its translucent iron oxide pigments and UV absorbers provide further defence from greying and deterioration. In just three coats, Sikkens Cetol Door and window gives peak protection and a fabulous look.

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Cetol 1 & 23 – Door & Sliding

By combining Cetrol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus together, you find a unique three-coating system that provides a phenomenal look with outstanding protection. First apply Cetol 1 as the basecoat for superb penetration and adhesion. Apply Cetol 23 Plus second for a strong and durable topcoat that works well on vertical surfaces. Translucent iron oxides give this mix great clarity, colour retention and defense against greying, while its UV absorbers mean less maintenance. This micro porous coating also minimizes peeling and blistering.

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Rubbol Solid DEK – Deck, Fence & Sliding

Rubbol Solid DEK is made of an acrylic/oil formula for rugged durability and dependable protection from even the toughest conditions. It boasts strong adhesion, bonding well to bare wood and most other surfaces that had been coated beforehand. Its micro porous finish defends against peeling and blistering, and because it’s a waterborne product, it’s low odour and easy to clean up.

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Cetol SRD – Deck & Fence

For an easy to use product that is designed for use on a variety of outdoor wooden surfaces, Cetol SRD is a great choice. This exterior finish is pliable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, and requires only one coat of application. It also provides great wood clarity and resilient UV protection thanks to its high-quality translucent iron oxide pigments.

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