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Concrete block, cinder block or foundation block are all cost-effective building materials for buildings, planter walls, privacy walls and trash enclosures.  However, the appearances of these blocks are drab and unattractive. DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer has many solutions to waterproof and just a.....
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Cottage Paint
As long as your surface is clean, sealed and sound No priming, No sanding, No stripping is required. It can be applied directly over a varnished or lacquered surface. Once dry, it can be easily distressed with a damp cloth- no sanding required. It leaves a velvety smooth time-worn chalky finish. U.....
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Fusion Mineral Paint
Fusion Mineral Paint™ is a DIY paint formulated for expert results. With exceptional ease of application that is self-leveling, a built in top coat and 31 gorgeous colors to choose from, you can tackle any project small or large, inside or out! You can even use Fusion™ Paint on your walls!.....
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Milk Paint
Milk Paint is an ancient all-natural paint containing five all-natural ingredients – milk protein (casein), limestone, clay, chalk and natural pigments. When absorbed into the surface, Milk Paint will never chip or peel when applied to a raw wood surface. It is suitable for both interior and ext.....
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Circa 1850
Circa 1850 is a trusted manufacturer of quality wood prep and finishing products. From strippers to finishes, the Circa line is an excellent partner in your wood finishing project......
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Now you can build a dust-free barrier in minutes without tape, ladders or damage. Zipwall is in innovative system of dust control that’s cost effective, reusable and adaptable......
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Are you tired of those synthetic sticky felts that simply don’t work or don’t stay on? Well, with Flexi-Felt® you’ll never have that problem again. It’s literally impossible to remove these felts. The Flexi-Felt® Clear is covered by a lifetime felt warranty. We guarantee that the felt wil.....
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Our passion for high-quality power tools has continued for more than 90 years. We share this fascination with our users and fans. Our products make life easier for professional tradespeople – and help them to achieve perfect results faster. We always think systematically, right down to the finest .....
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