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For over 15 years, Texturline has made it their mission to produce specialty plasters and glazes for both painters and artists. Over this span of time, more than 120 million square foot of surface has been decorated with Texturline products – that’s more than 2,000 football fields. Not only does Texturline offer the highest quality materials, but they also use only the safest technologies for manufacturing their eco-friendly products. This mentality strikes a balance between quality and environmental responsibility.


Texturline Sedona Iri Gold

Texturline Sedona Iri Gold is a stylish, designer finish that adds a unique esthetic to your interior walls. This acrylic-based paint gives a beautiful, textured look that goes on easy over prepared surfaces. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces and produce a multitude of effects, depending on the application technique. It’s both washable and durable so its stunning finish will last.

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Texturline Texturbase Red

Texturline’s Texturbase collection is a versatile line that simulates a variety of textured surfaces. This acrylic-based mineral plaster is great for decorative looks and can be applied on a variety of prepared interior walls. You can mix different colours to produce an eye-catching array, create a rugged stone effect, Venetian plaster effect or shimmering metallic effect, depending on the application method used.

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Texturline Texturglaze Extender

Texturline Texturglaze Extender is available in either an additive for latex paints that extends wet edge for up to two hours, or a stand-alone glaze. For optimum working time, the ration of latex to be added to the extender is either three- or four-to-one. The glaze is tinted with universal colour and dries to a satin sheen level. Both are durable and fully washable.

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Texturline Carolina Sandstone

This interior plaster resembles Marmoino or natural limestone, and is easily applied with either a roller or towel. For a cracked plaster finish, using a towel for application is recommended. Carolina Sandstone can also be coloured with common colourants to alter its tint, and stained or washed with stonewash pigments for even more colour variance.

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Texturline TexturBase

To simulate the look of any type of finish, Texurbase is an ideal choice. The versatility of this product provides the capacity to mimic the look of Venetian plaster, Stucco Antico, antique plaster, relief effects, washed smooth stone or any colour available on paint chips.

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Texturline Metaltech

Rolling without lines, covering surfaces in two coats and being entirely washable, MetalTech is a novel and fresh approach to metallic paints. Its most notable feature is that MetalTech can be tinted with regular universal colourants to make 1000 hues of metal. MetalTech comes in 24 basic formulas and a plethora more, thanks to custom tinting.

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