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Timber Pro

For those who take wood protection and maintenance seriously, Timber Pro is the answer. Bringing high performance to natural wood finishes, their wood care and restoration products provide highly durable transparent wood stains that are more than capable of protecting and maintaining log homes, natural wood siding, wood decks and fences.


Timber Pro Deck & Fence Formula

The result of sixteen years of research, Timber Pro’s Deck & Fence formula is a naturally tough transparent fence and deck stain. This unique wood finish is an eco-friendly product with low odour and low VOCs that penetrates deep into the wood and holds up well over time. It has become quite popular amongst consumers for its environmental safe qualities, longevity and ease to use. Its bio-oil resins bond and cure into a hard, non-sticky finish that resists dirt, dust and spores, adding to its mildew resistance.

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Timber Pro Log & Siding Formula

Timber Pro has been developing safe and effective wood care products for over 13 years, and their Pro Log & Siding Formula benefits from those years of experience. Delivering superior wood protection for all types of exterior wood siding, such as cedar, fir, pine, redwood, cypress, teak, mahogany and many more, this versatile product is practical for use as a transparent wood tone or clear interior wood stain thanks to its low VOC. It’s an environmentally safe wood-penetrating finish that is easy to apply, providing excellent wood protection.

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