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Through the continuous enhancement of both processes and products, Zeraus adheres to their vision of being recognized as the premier innovator of reliable, specialty protective thermoset coatings in Canada. Employing cutting edge epoxy, polyurethane and waterborne chemistries, their products have achieved decades of proven performance and can meet even the most stringent requirements. Zeraus is committed to providing the highest quality products that are cost effective and environmentally friendly, all with the service to back them up.


ZeraCryl Exterior Waterborne Non-Slip Acrylic Coating

Ideal for balconies, decks, concrete driveways, patios, pavers, stairs, pool decks, walkways and more, this waterborne acrylic coating is fast drying so it can be applied multiple times in a single days, providing good water resistance and an non-slip matte finish. It’s odourless, safe and non-toxic with solid adhesion to properly prepared concrete as well as damp or semi-wet concrete. The film it yields provides a solid barrier that’s non-staining and non-yellowing. It’s also very resistant to solvents, water, salt and oil, and can be applied to walls and floors.

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ZeraDur Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Previously only available to high-end industrial contractors, Zeraus has adapted that same commercial technology for the residential market. Now do-it-yourselfers can install this garage floor coating in just two days with a simple two-coat application. ZeraDur is self-priming epoxy that’s easy to use and low-odour. Simply mix in the additive and paint using a roller and paint tray. The result is a neat, durable, non-slip coating that looks as good as any professional job.

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Zeraus ZeraDur™

ZeraDur™ is an attractive self-priming easy to use durable low-odour non-slip two-component epoxy garage floor coating. It is designed that an average homeowner can install in just two days (two-coat application). Previously available only to high-end industrial contractors, we have adapted the same technology to the residential "Do it yourself" market. The non-slip additive it supplied in the kit. You just mix the additive in and apply it just like paint using a roller and a paint tray. The result is outstanding!

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