At Steeles Paint & Décor Centre in Woodbridge, we make it a point to keep on top of the innovative products that are introduced into the contractor and do-it-yourself markets. Every now and then something new and technologically advanced comes into the market that makes us sit up and take notice!
Such is the case with Benjamin Moore’s new Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X™ coating.


Introduced in late 2017, and aimed primarily at the commercial coatings market, Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X™ is a revolutionary, single component paint that’s low in VOC’s and resists scuffing before it starts. Built for professionals, it is engineered with cutting-edge protection against wear and marking.
But does it live up to all the hype?
In this case, we can respond with a resounding YES!
Steeles Paint & Décor Centre has a reputation for carrying high quality products and we are never satisfied with stats and information supplied to us from our distributors and manufacturers about the newest buzz product until we try them in our store. In our tests, Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X™ possesses durability, washability and scuff resistance in all finishes, that is second to none in its category. To back up these findings, we have heard the praises from our trusted clients and contractors extolling the virtues of this product.
SCUFF-X™ is available in Matte, Eggshell and Pearl finishes and is perfectly suited to commercial spaces like offices, schools, hospitals & hotels. Plus, the low-odour, low-VOC formula contains antimicrobial additives to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew on the surface of the paint film. Some of our contractors have already started using this product in their residential jobs for their customers that demand superior durability in their homes.


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