Prepare a Wall for Painting

June 22, 2018


Much of the success of any painting project lies within the preparation of your surface. Follow these steps to ensure that your paint job goes smoothly and continues to give you years of enjoyment.

1) Give the surface that’s to be painted a good cleaning. Pay special attention to areas that receive exposure to moisture, heavy traffic, cooking splatter and hand oils (around light switches). A phosphate cleaner or eco-friendly alternative like TSPeco should be used and thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

2) Make any necessary repairs to the areas that are to receive paint. This can include the filling and sanding of holes and imperfections using a quality spackle like Dap’s Drydex or Dynamic’s Dynapatch Pro. Be sure to caulk baseboards and crown mouldings with a paintable caulk such as Dap’s Alex Plus Latex Acrylic Caulk with Silicone. Ensure to smooth away caulking while it’s still wet.

3) Spot primer-repaired areas or entire surface depending on the surface condition, colour and type of paint previously selected. (See Q&A section for more on this).

4) Your wall is now ready to paint!

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