Custom Stain Matching

When it comes to wood staining, people have more selection then they realize. Depending on the species of wood, the desired colour and the level of protection you want, there can be a lot of options on the table. That’s why at Steeles Paint we have a dedicated team to handle all your custom stain matching needs.

With four full-time enthusiastic colour specialists in our custom stain matching department, we welcome customers to challenge our experts with any difficult stain colours they may have. We take the time to perfectly match your colour based on the same species of wood, and to pinpoint the ideal product for your project. Be it water-based, alkyd, a quick-drying formula, deep penetrating or gel, our wide range of products will fulfill whatever staining need you have. From soft, golden hues to deep and rich tones, we can guide the way.

Come by Steeles Paint and see why we’re the store that hardwood floor suppliers, and even other paint stores, send their customers to for accurate stain matches.

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