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June 22, 2018


It can be a little daunting to come into Steeles Paint and see all of the paint products and finishes that we have to offer. In our store, we take the time to work with you and help you to zero-in on the finish and product line that will best suits your needs.
Paints are produced in different finishes, or sheen-levels, specifically designed with various levels of durability and esthetic presentation. The sheen levels are based on light-reflective values. What this means is that you can have as little or as much shine on your paint in a wide range of qualities and prices. The finishes available in our products range from flat, matte and eggshell, with little or no light reflection, to pearl, satin and semi-gloss, with low-to-mid sheen. At the other end of the spectrum, we offer gloss and high-gloss with very shiny, almost mirror-type finishes, and they’re all available in any colour and quality level you may desire.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the paint finish for your project.
1) Who is going to be in this room? (Adults, kids, pets).
2) What are your washability expectations for this paint in this room?
3) What condition of the walls? (New, old, repaired).
4) What is this room used for? (Playroom, bathroom, kitchen, mud room).
5) How much light is there in this room and where is the light source?
6) Is there moisture present? (Bathroom, kitchen).

Generally speaking, the more sheen there is on your wall, the more washable it becomes, but very few people are interested in high-gloss in every room in their home. Most people will use a washable flat or an eggshell finish for the principle spaces, such as the living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. These paints give you a washable to super-washable finish in a relatively flat sheen. Lower sheen and flat paints also hide imperfections, something that is desirable in a well-lit room or on an older surface that has had repairs. Kitchens and bathrooms will benefit from the use of a pearl finish – it’s extremely resistant to steam, cooking splatter and repeat washing, etc. Parents will quite often use a pearl finish in kids’ bedrooms and playrooms to facilitate easy cleaning. Semi-gloss and gloss finishes, though sometimes used in high-moisture areas, are most commonly applied to trim and doors for the super-durability they afford. Shinier paints will also accentuate the architectural elements, such as curves and panels on these types of surfaces. Super-premium paints like Benjamin Moore’s Aura are produced from such high-quality, raw materials that you can use any finish in any room – they’re that washable and moisture-resistant.


Paint colour can have the most dramatic effect on your space, and it is the least expensive way to update your home. Colour can change our perception of the space around us, turning it cool and energetic, spacious or cosy. There are three key steps that can help you with the process of colour selection:

1. Find Inspiration

You can come up with ideas by creating a portfolio of what appeals to you: a favourite painting, the colour of your baby’s eyes, an unforgettable vacation in Mexico or that great hike in the Rockies.

First, in terms of colour, take into consideration the common denominators of your various inspirational images. Do you like a variety of colours or particular shades and tints of a specific colour? Do you like them bold or muted? Digging deep in the well of inspiration plays an important role in selecting and whittling down your choices.

2. Define the Mood

Is there a mood or theme that you would like to achieve in a particular space? Do you want a restful feel in the bedroom, or an energizing feel to the family room? The mood will lay the groundwork for the desired visual impact of a chosen paint colour palette.

3. Use Key Elements in Your Home

Last but not least, take stock of all the key elements in your house. Do you have carpeting, hardwood floors, modern or antique furniture? The colour of the flooring is an important consideration when you choose colours because it anchors the room and can impact the colour on the wall due to reflections.

Furnishings also play an important role in determining the perfect colour scheme for your house. Since these are usually the most expensive and not easily replaced items in the house, they tend to suggest a coordinating colour scheme that ties everything together. An invaluable heirloom dining table, for example, will never be discarded because it doesn’t match the wall colour of the dining room.

Come in to Steeles Paint and let our On-Staff Decorators help you transform your space into the home the home of your dreams!

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