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Goudey Stains & Clear Finishes

For professionals looking for a wide selection of stains, Goudey’s 36 stock colours provide plenty to choose from. These stains can also be combined to produce even more colour possibilities. Using a cotton cloth wiper, brush or spray equipment, Goudey’s stains produce outstanding results. Reduce, if desired, with Goudey 754 Fast Dry Stain Reducer. For converting a wiping stain to spray stain, reduce with Goudey 707 Xylene or 706 Toluene.

Goudey WS series stains are compatible with all commercial and industrial film coatings, such as nitrocellulose lacquers, pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed lacquers, waterborne lacquers, shellac, alkyd urethanes and acrylic urethanes.

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